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The Half-Known World

by John and Chris Boehmer

Released 2016
Released 2016
Duo CD by songwriters John and Chris Boehmer - lyric-based contemporary acoustic music with moving melodies and rich harmonies.
"John and Chris Boehmer create music you can sink into - smooth and rich vocals, evocative imagery, and tasteful harmonies that hover beautifully together at the edges of folk, pop, and jazz." Kirsten Manville
John and Chris Boehmer are a husband-wife duo from Massachusetts performing original songs and occasional covers in the contemporary folk genre. After performing individually as solo singer-songwriters for many years, they got together in 2012 to create a musical duo that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Half-Known World is their first CD as a duo.
The eleven songs on the CD make the most of John's exquisite finger-style guitar playing and the intimacy of Chris' rich alto voice, and feature their beautiful duo harmonies throughout. The CD also features excellent musicians Kent Allyn on bass and keyboards, Eric Kilburn on mandolin and lap steel, Bonnie Black on cello, and Mari Black on fiddle. The distinct songwriting styles that John and Chris bring to the project complement each other as they write on topics such as finding new love, saying good-bye, and post-Katrina New Orleans.

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A marriage of words and music

Oh the beauty of the broken things

Ancient glass in a museum

The brokenness or the beauty

Which do you see? 

The Beauty of Broken Things