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You Are Enough

Calumet Women's Weekend Choir
Christiana Boehmer


You Are Enough (Christiana Boehmer)


Listen, child, to what I say, You are enough

I created you this way, You are enough

And I don’t need you to be everything

Bring one gift that you can bring

Sing one song that you can sing, You are enough

Child of my beloved earth, You are enough

I would never weigh your worth, You are enough

As not one elephant or bumblebee

Meadowlark or maple tree

Needs to prove a thing to me, You are enough

I know because I formed you before you became

Beloved, you are fearfully, wonderfully made

Go and tell the ones you meet, You are enough

Go and be my hands and feet, You are enough

Instead of wishing you could be a star

Burning bright and shining far

Light one candle where you are, You are enough


Copyright 2017 Christiana Boehmer

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