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John and Chris Boehmer

John and Chris have been making music together since 2012. They had individually been writing and performing songs in the Boston area for many years prior to that.  But mutual friends saw - and heard - that their music belonged together, and persuaded them to give it a try. The result is a marriage of words and music. 

John and Chris perform in the Boston area at coffeehouses and other intimate music venues.  They perform both as a duo and individually, in addition to backing up other singer-songwriters. They also host occasional house concerts and enjoy participating in the local music scene.

John Boehmer

Born and raised in New Orleans, John grew up playing piano and guitar and listening to great music of all kinds - folk, rock, New Orleans R&B, classical, jazz.  He moved to the Boston area after college and connected with the vibrant singer-songwriter community, staying up til the wee hours to trade songs at places like the Center for the Arts in Natick and the Acton Jazz Cafe. He released a solo CD of instrumental piano music in 2009 entitled The Ivory Coast, but currently writes songs primarily for guitar. Some of his major influences are John Renbourn, Richard Thompson, Donovan, and David Rawlings.  

Chris Boehmer

Born and raised in Michigan, where she grew up writing songs at the family piano, Chris spent her youth singing harmony in the back seat with her sisters and listening to the great songwriters of the 1970s.  She also soaked up an eclectic mix of musical genres that none of her friends listened to, like the Great American Songbook, British folk, bluegrass, and musical theater. 

In college, Chris was introduced to the music of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, and became a self-confessed Emmylou Harris wannabe.  Having studied Chinese, she lived in China for two years, where she improbably developed a new appreciation for American folk classics such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. 

As an adult, Chris settled in the Boston area and found new musical influences such as Iris Dement, Lucinda Williams, Eva Cassidy, and Gillian Welch.  She joined the local singer-songwriter community in the early 2000's, and was part of the trio Muddy Limo with Charlie Koch and Brad Meyer for four years. Chris released a solo CD entitled My Own Little Heaven in 2009. She continues to be in demand as a harmony singer, and often sings harmony for nationally-known singer-songwriter Cosy Sheridan.  Chris also started the Fireside Coffeehouse in Norwood MA, which continues to be a vibrant open mike series. 

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A marriage of words and music

Oh the beauty of the broken things

Ancient glass in a museum

The brokenness or the beauty

Which do you see? 

The Beauty of Broken Things